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WATERCOLORS Artwork and Workshops


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Reply DaynaBop
12:07 AM on March 31, 2020 
Petal, reed, metal, tonal drums. The whatnot is explicitly tuned. It goes calmly with the flute, piano, guitar. To work hand in glove an amazing whatsit that recently appeared - the Petal tone drum, prevalently known as a â??glucophoneâ?? (joy, diffusion), a have a funny feeling that of lilt is enough.
His question is truthfully mystical. And you can learn to give it in honourable a not many minutes - the predominant factor is to just learn how to cudgel on metal tongues, and it without exception sounds magical.

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Reply Helentuh
5:04 PM on March 26, 2020 
Glucophone is a reed percussion instrument on which you can disport oneself with your hands and unique sticks.
The uniqueness of this instrument lies in the low-down that ALL AND SUNDRY MAY PLAY ON IT.
Playing on it, you order experience probe vibrations that at one's desire enshroud you and everyone who is handy, filling with consistency and joy. It is not without senses that this contract is called Light-hearted Drum (Drum of Felicity) abroad. The limelight which has directed to the playing on the glucophone switches from the expected internal dialogues, algorithms, and ratings to the intentional weaving of the melodious pattern. The feeling, at the still and all time, is filled with gaiety from creative venture and actively forms stylish neural connections, and the firmness and consciousness are immersed in a submit of abstruse relaxation at the beck consonant vibrations, almost identical in tonality and pigmentation to a bell ringing.

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Reply Kelenlike
9:09 PM on September 16, 2019 
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Reply laura johnson
12:16 PM on July 21, 2019 
Interesting work, will keep checking back to see your work
Reply Liliane Debrouwer
8:53 AM on December 25, 2017 
I am living in Belgium, and I am also a "beginning" aquarelist. Your style pleases me a lot !
Where in Europe can I find a book of you ??
Reply Eileen McMackin
12:58 PM on February 8, 2017 
Beautiful work! I especially love the light and colors. I look forward to followiing your blog and sharing your work with my painting group members.
Reply Waltemir de Melo
12:24 AM on August 26, 2016 
Caro professor,

Seu trabalho é fantástico. A força da cor, dos valores e a transparência são singulares em suas obras. Parabéns! Obrigado por seu empenho em nosso workshop.

Reply Fernando Pena
11:33 PM on August 18, 2013 
Zoe lin says...
Thank you for sharing all this master works!

Thank you very much Zoe
Reply Zoe lin
9:29 PM on August 17, 2013 
Thank you for sharing all this master works!